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... LITTLE BROWN JUGS  were made  in Bennington Vermont by the Norton family in the late 1800's.  These miniature stoneware jugs were sold as souvenirs at Centennial celebrations, fairs and expositions. Therefore it is not surprising to see many miniature jugs with the Battle of Bennington references scratched into them, they usually bear the August 16 th, 1877 date, also known as Bennington Battle Day.  Many were also produced for the July 4 th, 1876 Centennial celebration. We also see examples that were made for special events like the Columbian Exposition as well as the Poultney Industrial Fair. In a  recent discovery one was found for the presidential campaign between Harrison & Morton.  Captain John Norton in 1793 started the pottery, but it was Luman Preston Norton and Edward Norton who sold thousands of these miniature stoneware Albany slip scratched LITTLE BROWN JUGS which I enjoy researching and collecting. Cruise the site, there is tons of information relating to the history of this Southern Vermont town. If you can, pay a visit to the Bennington Museum you will see some rare examples of  LITTLE BROWN JUGS...