'77 Bennington Centennial

 Flower Pots

     Although not a Little Brown Jug, the miniature Centennial Flower Pot deserves mention, it bears the inscription Bennington August 16, 1877 Centennial
     It stands 3 1/8" in height, the width at the top is 4", and the width at the bottom is 3". 
     These have been made both glazed and unglazed and in various colors. 
     As seen below there is a glazed deep chocolate brown,
an unglazed brown and an unglazed white painted in patriotic red, white and blue.

     It has been brought to my attention that there are examples of this flower pot without the centennial inscription.  If anyone knows of  one of  these that are available  for purchase it would be most appreciated.....   

red white & blue unglazed

unglazed version

Bennington Museum Collection

no stamping