1877 Centennial Arches

"Bennington, VT. Centennial Aug 16 1877 - 

arch at Four Corners in downtown Bennington.

Bennington Museum Collection

Colorization by Tim Wager

Back reads,

"Bennington, VT. Centennial Aug 16 1877 - Arch, Main Street."

1877 - Battle Day Centennial Celebration at Putnam Hotel with Arch on the left Bennington Museum/Calvin Dart Collection

     Title:  Vermont -- The centennial celebration of General Stark's victory of Hessians at the Battle of Bennington, on August 16th.  The procession passing under the Triumphal Arch on Main Street.      

Newspaper page with colored engraving of the 
Vermont Centennial of the Battle of Bennington
Bennington Museum Collection