Norton Billhead

Edward Norton & Co. Billhead June 5, 1886

 Check out the price of Little Brown Jugs right above.

On June 5, 1886 Little Brown Jugs   were selling for $1.25 / dozen.


Continuing Education

    Little Brown Jugs were made as souvenirs by E & LP Norton Co. and Edward Norton & Co. in Bennington Vermont. They were made as early as 1876 and as late as 1893. Many were made as commemorative pieces for specific historic events. Most Little Brown Jugs are simply marked Little Brown Jug . There are other various centennial pieces which are not as common. 

     Some Little Brown Jugs have inscriptions relating to the Centennial of the American Independence. These jugs bear the markings: 
Little Brown Jug 1876 
Centennial Jug 1876 
Centennial July 4 th,1876 
     The Battle of Bennington, August 16 th, 1777 was one of the most significant events in Bennington history. There are many jugs that commemorate this battle: 
Little Brown Jug 1877 
Bennington Aug 16 th 1877 
Bennington August 16 th 1877 
Bennington Centennial Aug 16 th 1877 
Billie from Uncle Dan 1877 
Centennial Aug 16 th 1877 
Frankie Aug 16 th 1877 
Centennial Augt 16 th 1877 1777 
Little Edith 1877 
Merry Christmas 1877 

     In 1892, four hundred years after Columbus discovered the new world, the Norton potters honored this event with jugs marked: 
1492 Columbus 1892 
Columbus 1492 1892 

     In 1893 the Norton Pottery had been in business for one hundred years, they celebrated this accomplishment with these centennial jugs: 
E Norton & Co Benn-Vermont 1793-1893 
E N & Co Benn-Pottery 1793-1893 
1793-1893 Bennington