The Errors

Certainly Not Common But Fun To Find

Augt 1877

        This is quite an unusual Little Brown Jug. We have seen examples with "Bennington" scratched on them with the Augt 16th 1877 date, but this is the first I have seen without the "16 th" and with 1877 twice. Then we find another error, it seems he had a problem with the second "7".  One can only guess what was on the potters mind that day !!

Then again this could also be a possible scenario !!

1866 or 1876 

...looks like he was a little distracted.....

The 1876 "Smear"

...the customer already had an 1876 jug, he wanted a plain one, so just smear it out with your finger !!!

The Extra "L"

...hmmmmmm started the "L" in Little Brown Jug a little too low !!!

Not a very even Albany slip dip !

Do you think it was sold at a discount ?

Can you see the error ?

Can you see the error ?