Harrison & Morton

    In 1888 Benjamin Harrison launched a successful campaign against Grover Cleveland and Allen Thurman. Although Cleveland and Thurman received the larger popular vote, Harrison and Morton had a larger electoral vote count, thus winning the election. Provenance: Ex Collection of the legendary Political Americana collector U.I. “Chick Harris".

     These great original 1888 mini jugs were used to promote Benjamin Harrison & Levi Morton during the presidential election; although not made by the Norton family these mini jugs are quite historically interesting. 

They  stand only 7/8" tall !!!
     In 1888 the Republican Party ran Benjamin Harrison, grandson of President William Henry Harrison, for President. Levi Morton, a banker and businessman, was his running mate. It was a peculiar campaign, with President Cleveland claiming he was too busy to stump for re-election and New York Democrats, angry with Cleveland for his reform efforts aiding the Republican cause. Although Cleveland won the popular vote, Harrison garnered the most electoral votes, including those of New York, Cleveland's home state. Buying votes was a fairly common practice; in Indiana some men were paid $15 for their votes.
Again not Norton made, it stands only 7/8" tall !!!

Benjamin Harrison & Levi Morton 1888 Campaign Pins & Ribbons

# 1428 Harrison and Morton Stereoview

     New Hampshire Republican Presidential Election broadside with wonderful graphics showing Benjamin Harrison and Levi Morton surrounded by an Eagle and US Shields.

Silk campaign handkerchief. Border of blue with white stars. 

American flag in center with ribbon with words 

"Pensions for Soldiers, Protection vs. Free Trade, 

Aid for Free Schools

Bennington Museum Collection